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20 Nov

Out of all of the professional photographers I know, I’ve found they either shoot Canon or Nikon. If the lenses can change, you can shoot in full manual no matter your model, so rest easy if you have one of those brands. I can’t put a Nikon lens on my Canon camera, so if you find you are lens shopping with an Olympus or Sony, there will be more limitations.

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However, the only time I really wished I had more “wiggle room” in shooting was when I shot landscape or buildings.

That’s what I bought to replace my kit lens, and used it exclusively for TWO years for portraits for clients as well as my family at home.

I mention that lens in my book, and several posts, because it’s an amazing little lens at just over 0. (Nikons, make sure you get the one that has an auto focus switch on the lens, they sell a cheaper version without auto focus and I DO NOT shoot on manual FOCUS).

Get a feel for both in your hands and just pick one. I’ll give you my input, then do what you want–it’s what you’ll end up doing anyway.

I can relate to my medical husband when people come to him with an ailment, ask him what to do, he gives sound advice, but then they do what they want anyway which is against his advice.