12 Feb

my friends and my family are also a great source of support for me. Mulisha_1well im a fucking lesbian..i fucking love to party. ~just Me~~~I am a Si Ng Le Mo MMy of *3* Children~~ Shea, Madison, and the reason i color my hair..... They KEEP me outta LOTS of [TROUBLE] by keepin me buzy!Trippdiv.layoutbutton div.layoutbutton a div.layoutbutton a:visited{ background-image:url( width:100%; height:21px; color:rgb(255,255,255); font:bold 11px arial,sans-serif; display:block; text-decoration:none; so the names kasey. My //TRUE FRIENDS..( and if u hav 2 ask 1 ) .Ve Ry De Ar to me they keep me from goingCr Az Y..:p~*Yummybunny69About me ..

Take this quiz a Ck1I live in Dillsburg PA and have all my life. I spend most of my time with my family but love to go out with the girls. Nyoka Fit 38, 34D, waist length blond hair, 5ft3 tall (1m63), 144lb(65Kg).

Sweet but wild, generous but a little selfish, angel and demon. Love trekking, camping, getting stoned, all kind of music except Jazz. ONLINE CHATS: Flirting and/or Interesting conversations, MOTORBIKES, OUTDOOR: Camping Fishing Trekking, CANADA and the Rockie Mountains, ANIMALS: Wolves Snakes, CARS: Subaru, FITNESS: Workout 3Hours/week, COOKING: experimental spicy exotic.

I do hope you will visit weather you do0nate or not there is aot of great info. Jubalmy name is Jubal and i am about 6'5 with blondish hair andblue eyes. Raven and Jade.personal info i have my ears pierced,my eye brow,my cock,my tounge,and my nipples. I was always told I could go window shopping as long as I did not feel up the merchandise.

My cock is above average but sometimes that is bad bc women complain i hurt them too you will see picks of that in my folders. That is not to say that I have not had my hand slapped a few hundred times.


I enjoy a "friendly" argument, but if you gotta get all pissy about it, then i'll throw down verbally. I'M A F-A-N-A-T-I-C, IAlesha_99Interested in making new friends, music, art and sports. Shotgun_shellim a 23 yr old chick that loves hangin out with her down to earth friends have a couple of beers with smoke some get down and jam out to some good music all here in good ol San i like goin to the bars of course ,so see a good show or a concert.My son married in 2004 and there is a photo of he and I together.At the time I was still in a wheelchair from the illness.I work for myself contracting out to area attorneys doing PI work and process serving.I came down very ill four years ago and it was a REAL long haul coming back.