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29 Dec

Again, if you know that 200 people are mad at you on Instagram, it’s like 2 billion people. We brought the numbers down very quickly, but any one person who can’t get their money is damaging. I couldn’t get my medicine, so I went to the hospital.” I gave her her money and I gave her some more money on top of that. It was during the transfer that the outage happened. Margins average about 10% with ups and downs over the years. There will be a lot of investigations and again, I welcome them because I’d like for it to be shared. I was at Occupy Wall Street and a woman yelled at me about the exploitation of the community.She was so thankful that I wanted to cry, like, “Why you ain’t you curse me out or something? I called a lot of people and I heard these stories and I said I’m going to have to get a fund to help these people. Obviously we’re not going to make it a free-for-all. I don’t know what else to say except be honest, try to do a good job and try to be honorable. One of the reasons I welcome the regulators looking is that they’re going to start blowing the whistle on everybody involved. Then I’m there, I’m one of the only black person in the building. But the truth is, we should not hate ourselves enough to say that, especially when we created a business that all the other bankers are borrowing and we’re doing it better than them. When we give away this free service, it’ll be more than anything we’ve ever made in a given year. So it’s a very small margin and almost anybody you can name that got into the business, any celebrity, they [couldn’t survive]. The last thing I want to say about the free cards [provided by other banks]. If you have ,000 in your checking account, you can have it. People should ask when they say free, how is it possible when they have 5,000 people working and they don’t charge the customer anything? I think companies that sell things to underserved communities should do things to support underserved communities and that I should do things that the community needs because the company is based on the community. They just put it at retail and hoped somebody bought it. I also believe that it’s one of the things that I’ve done that I was legitimately a pioneer of as opposed to being an innovator. Try being a year before we started that company and still people who don’t understand what we do go to check cashing places and try to operate in this world where you need plastics and banks don’t accept you.The company is now the subject of class action lawsuit in New York State. The Consumer’s Union removed Rush Card’s prized gold star for service.“It was one of the most devastating times in my adult life,” says Russell Simmons in this exclusive conversation with Hip Hop DX. I know how damaging it could be if people were not able to get to their money… I don’t know what else to do about it but try to make good on it and try to make the people that were damaged whole.I want to build a lot of different things to go with what we’ve built. We either created or were early adopters of all the things that help the community and I want to continue to do that. If that had happened, that would’ve been charged back to the people and then all the people using this kind of service would be paying higher fees. I have millions of dollars to give away on that end and I’m spending millions of dollars trying to hold the company together and also give people a break because the majority of the people were out for two days.I’d like to do it with people with knowledge of what it is that we do. There’s one guy in particular who built his career attacking me. I’m the only black guy in banking and I got the gold standard. I didn’t occupy Wall Street to try to destroy Goldman Sachs. I was the only one in the industry exempt from that because I happened to be working with a smaller bank at the time. I’m not enlightened, but I’ve got to sleep at night. If he spoke to me and heard what I do and understood a little better, he wouldn’t say that I exploit my people. I say things everyday that get me in trouble and I don’t mind saying them because I love the community. TSYS switched to Master Card the moment the outage happened. The majority of the people didn’t get their money on Wednesday.

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There’s going to be a list of those people that will be processed within the next few days. My company hurt people and I want to be responsible and steer them—the people in my multibillion dollar company who are not being blamed—and do something unprecedented regarding making people whole. DX: I don’t know if people understand how rare these network wide outages are in the financial services space. Rush Card invests back into the community in places that no other bank would invest. We matched them by giving away 25,000 free ATMs in the hood. I made [“Christmas In Hollis.”] It might’ve been one of the first records, but “Rappers Delight” came out first. Virtual banks are cheaper to operate and it’s the way of the future.We’ve serviced customers that no one cared existed at all.We created a business out of something that no one even imagined could be a business servicing these people.At the time [in 2003], there were 50 million Americans, a lot of them black and brown, who could not get a bank account. to lobby about these cards, I have a company that’s bank debt is less than billion.There’s another 100 million who the banks didn’t give a fuck about. I want to build overdraft protection which will cost next to nothing. But at the time, any bank over billion was going to be charged a fee that retailers paid to cards.