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22 Jun

Although not advisable, some of our sisters are guilty of this! X: You never know what cloth or what the different sizes mean… Why along the way were all those posters everywhere telling us to be less miserable? ‘As we arrived into the London “Fiqh of Death” class yesterday, my Yahya who was with me says in this thick Manc accent: “Baba, what’s wrong in London?

‘Laugh of the day: Focus more on the sounds emitted rather than the spelling: “The paw saw sum”…the ill effects of speaking too fast and not enunciating your letters properly.’ (Sheikh Navaid Aziz; Dec 20, 2010) . When I heard it today…I was cracking up for like a good 5 mins. The Paw Saw Sum Yes it is a true story.” (Sheikh Navaid Aziz; Dec 20, 2010) .

Why is it only in Tawaf that counting from 1 to 7 becomes more stressful and difficult than a Pythagorean maths equation?

“Have to spend 24 hrs in the departure lounge before my Saudi exit flight due to missing the flight two years in a row now.

Dad: Woman, I made that du’a the second I stepped out of the house.

you must remember to make it before you walk into the market, because that’s where all the Shaytans are, it’s their favourite place you know. Look on the bright side, at least you were considered cool 20 years ago…