Gemini compatibility dating

06 Nov

Degree of Romance: If the Aries female can keep it light, there is a chance for some fun-hearted flirting and dazzling footwork on the dance floor.

Romance as an ideal will always be present when these two get together.

If these can be overcome, friendship is not a bad basis for marriage and that they will have a plenty.

Sex: The biggest hurdle here is attracting Gemini’s attention.

The trouble will come if you don’t follow through on your promises or break your word. Stand her up or forget her name and you’ll regret it.

I can’t say how she’ll respond for sure, but I can say you won’t like it.

Degree of Friendship: These two can have a lot of fun together.

They are both interested in a wide variety of things.

A good way to get him warmed up is to start talking about it, especially in odd places or at inappropriate times.

The lady ram will love it when you get her to laugh at herself.

She craves adventure, so invite her to experience something new with you.

You’re both full of energy, though hers is more physical than yours.

She does approach the world with her mind, though, so you’re sharp tongue and great sense of humor will be an asset.