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Make sure you have clothing to match the weather conditions, the boat is covered, however we try to open the sides as much as possible to allow you to feel at one with the river and its wildlife.

Life jackets and blankets are available on request.

There’s no need for speed, we take a relaxing cruise to soak up the history and watch some of the wildlife, even on this urban section of the river.

If you don’t fancy a ride on an open punt, or enjoyed your punting experience so much you want to explore the river further – try a comfortable seat on our custom built traditional style narrowboat – “Rosie”. You are going to have a great time as an independent tourist, romantic couple, family group, community organisation, school class or even a hen party.

About the River Cam - The river starts as a small stream in Ashwell, Hertfordshire, then flows northwards to Cambridge.

Then it flows out into the flat area of the Fens and joins the Great Ouse, to then reach the sea at the Wash on the Norfolk coast.

French Camboats est le premier opérateur de croisière péniche de Cambridge.

Nous organisons des excursions populaires le long de la Cam et à Ely pour les résidents et les touristes.

Es gibt regelmäßige termingebundene öffentliche Führungen und auch Private individuelle Kreuzfahrten an Bord "Rosie" Italian Camboats sono operatore Narrowboat crociera premier di Cambridge.

Corriamo popolare viaggi lungo il Cam e out a Ely per residenti e turisti.