Ghj j ltybt dating dating simulations for guys

06 Mar

-On your first date at the mall, tell him it's nothing.

-After your first date, you should really buy that evening gown that he likes.

-He's a shy guy, but he really does want someone who will listen to him. Spend as much time as possible (especially during lunch hour) with them in order to get the bonus end. -Studying increases intelligence, watching TV increases social rep, and surfing the net increases network rep.

-A guy's profile will only unlock after you get his bonus end. -Items that increase your intelligence include: notebook, diary, encyclopedia, classic literature, cookbook, Movie Maniac, and Walk This Way.

Travis Walkthrough: -You need at least 51 network rep, 36 intelligence, and 17 social rep to win him.

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-The tank top and the trendy capris will make Derek like you more. Once he likes you enough, you'll get a special scene with him during lunch. -During lunch, spend as much time in the gym as you can.-It's nearly (not entirely, but nearly) impossible to get a good end without stat-boosting items, so look for what might be useful to you.Travis Hints: -Well, he IS the president of the computer games club, so it shouldn't be too hard to figure out which stat he values the most, right?-Books and video games raise various stats, but some of them also lower other stats.Read the descriptions carefully before you purchase.