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31 Oct

After months of breathless build up, the "Money Fight" between Conor Mc Gregor and Floyd Mayweather surprised everyone by actually being fun to watch.

It may have pitted a rookie boxer against an old man, but it was still entertaining as hell.

“It’s so our sponsor, Corona, can be seen," Devon Stefanow told Unilad, explaining the perma-smiles she and her fellow ring girls had glued to their faces.

The student told investigators she had consensual sex with Ms Truman between five and 10 times in a classroom at the school between March and May 2016, ABC’s WFTV reported.Paul Reid, prosecuting, said of Leighton’s conduct with the Florida teenager and his niece: ‘This was a campaign of rape.’ He added: ‘The defendant has pleaded guilty to the rape of this baby 4,000 miles away as he was using (the uncle) as an accessory.’ Mr Reid said the case involved the ‘utterly appalling abuse of many children’.Leighton set up multiple fake profiles of young girls on Facebook, then joined groups for teens.Rob Crilly, Washington Donald Trump's campaign was the same on the inside as it appeared on the outside: a bunch of political neophytes making it up as they went along, butting heads and doing everything wrong.A paedophile who tricked scores of youngsters across the world into sending him nude selfies then blackmailed them into sexually abusing young relatives on camera has been jailed for 16 years.