Google voice dating

01 Feb

“If you feel uncomfortable, you can take a pass on the date,” Spira said.

Research, research, research When it comes to validating your potential date’s identity, every piece of information counts.

Spira suggests looking up their phone number or email address in Google and checking Twitter and Facebook to see if you have any mutual friends.

If so, ask your friend for a quick “thumbs up or thumbs down,” Spira says.

But Spira insists a 20-minute phone conversation offers a much better idea of your date-to-be.

If the conversation goes well, chances are you’ll hit it off in person.

“You can say, ‘I’m in advertising or I live on this side of town,’” Spira suggested.

“When daters create profiles, they usually use the same photo on their Linked In, so it’s very easy to find someone’s first and last name,” she said.

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They’re all controlled through a Web-based platform similar to Gmail, Google’s hugely popular email service.

To use Google Voice, a user first needs to set up a Google account (if they don’t already have one for a Google service such as Gmail).