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27 Mar

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And my Dear Old Mum always told me that if someone takes the time to write to you it’s only fair that you should reply.

But I’m kind of busy with real world issues at the moment and I’ve been putting the latest receipts to one side to be dealt with when I was kind of less busy.

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It’s primary ingredient is stale bread soaked in water which is then fermented in old plastic Fanta bottles and flavoured with whatever comes to hand – raisins, tree bark, horseradish … I’ve described Kvas in far from flattering terms a couple of times on the web.Are you a fan of BDSM, do whips, canes, leather and racks make you hard?You are in luck, check out our BDSM category and you will be greeted with hundreds of videos showing kinky dungeon masters tormenting lovely babes and sexy dominas who love nothing more than to make their slaveboy grovel before them.Well, I’m still busy but I’ve been sitting on a few emails for almost two months now.Plus, all the pre release publicity (and publicity stunts) for the new Borat movie have reminded me of one email in particular that I haven’t yet responded to.