Heart dating soul mate

27 Aug

Closer to home, it leads the reader through the advantages, pitfalls, strategies and protocols of today's internet dating scene.Written for the internet dating novice, the book gives the reader step-by-step guides to placing and responding to personal ads, acceptable and unacceptable internet dating behaviors, web sites of reputable internet dating services and common-sense rules for protecting oneself when placing an ad. Molnar has been Editor of two national newstand magazines, has written several book features and has more than 150 feature articles published in numerous periodicals.Most of the advice is based on common sense and logic that any adult in her/his right mind uses (or must use)every day.Years passed and much touted internet dating did not seem to fulfill its promise.My goal is to bring single people together all over the world, one by one.

Internet dating is no fad, and with a little practice and patience, you will find it to be an easy and fun way to make new contacts, friends, and, perhaps, even your dream soul mate!

But, with so many information options bombarding the average internet user, experiments with finding one's "soul mate" on-line can often times produce a frustrating, overwhelming and intimidating experience.

That's why Deanna Rose's new book "INTERNET SOUL MATES" is a timely and credible read for internet soul searchers.

An overwhelming majority of marriages and ordinary hook ups still result from conventional meet/date routine.

Besides, did all the knowledge really help the author?