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01 Nov

While you may think this means picking the most flattering photos for your online dating profile, Schreffler says that isn't the case."You want to have a little bit of everything in there," she advises."For best online dating profile results, feature both your best physical assets and your not-so-favorite physical ones," Karsten says."This allows the opportunity for a real admirer to genuinely connect and feel the chemistry." Use current photos.

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You have to be genuine, and if you're really yourself, your voice comes through."If you get a guy to go on a date with you based on old pictures and then he shows up on the date and sees you looking differently, he's going to be disappointed, and that's going to make you feel awful," Schreffler says. "Creating the perfect online dating profile is about posting PG-rated selfies weekly.Refreshing online dating profiles with new photos is a must," Karsten says. No, don't actually your cat, just set Professor Mc Fluffles down for the picture.Okay, well, maybe not your , but let potential suitors know about your imperfections.The key to online dating profiles is showing your true self, not creating a caricature of what you think works best.