How to be more proactive in dating

22 Nov

My guess is that you can, but are just now realising that those were opportunities after being blinded by that ever-present defence mechanism.

Luckily, the first step to solving this problem is recognising that you have it.

And if you feel strongly enough after reading this article, just go ahead and mention you would enjoy an opportunity to hang out again one on one.

Whether it’s something our mums advised us growing up or the fact that women in movies who ask out guys are always depicted as outgoing, overbearing and aggressive, we women have turned into shrinking violets for fear of coming across as too masculine.

But much like any other part of life – be it work, a favourite activity of yours, or moving to a new city – the greatest rewards often come with some initial risk.

Before taking the leap, mentally prepare yourself for the possibility of rejection. Strike up a conversation with the cutie at the bar, and ask him to hold your drink while you “dig” in your purse for something.

You’ll know a confident, Alpha Male when you see one, and those are perfectly capable of initiating without much nudging from you.

But if you’ve proactively made it clear that you’d be open to a romantic relationship and he’s still not meeting you in the middle, it’s time to find someone with whom you can strike the right balance!