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18 Jun

From this point on until 1969, various other inventors made similar lights and improved on the technology, but with no major breakthroughs.

During this period, Century Lighting (now Strand) started retailing such units specially made to order, retrofitted onto any of their existing lanterns up to 750 W to control pan and tilt.

The Robot communicated with a proprietary 8bit protocol, yet had no microprocessors/pal's/pics/ram, O/S or other modern logic device.

During its development, the designers decided to add motors to motorize pan and tilt.

They demonstrated the fixture for the band Genesis in a barn in England in 1980. Showco spun off their lighting project into a company called Vari-Lite, and the first fixture was also called the Vari-lite.

Up until that time, moving lights were using other communication protocols, such as DIN8, AMX, D54 and the proprietary protocols of other companies, such as Vari Lite, Tasco, High End and Coemar.

The Summa HTI had a 250 W HTI bulb, two colour wheels, a gobo wheel, a mechanical dimmer and zoom functions.