Internet dating and pedifiles

13 Mar

Well, here's the reason: he's a registered sex offender. He volunteered the info and said that he would have told me sooner but I had a few other very big things I was dealing with and then the holidays so he had waited.

I checked up on his story today (via internet resources and the clerk of court) and confirmed that he had been truthful in his explanation of what had happened.

Most employers don't do criminal checks unless it pertains to the job. There's no way in the world that any 14 year old can dress or act much more than a few years over her actual age...sorry no does sound like an excuse, which further signals the fact that he hasnt even taken moral responsibility for his actions...strike 2...OUT! or How can you ensure that nothing like that will happen again if you do decide to stay ? In my line of work as a computer technician, I've found that very few people with those sorts of charges hanging over those head are "honest" about it, even when they claim to be telling the truth. I've had to deal with things like this because the nature of my work sometimes requires me to work on other people's computers, and you would be amazed at the sort of stuff you find on computers, even business computers that never leave the office. A tech recruiter once called me to ask my opinion about a guy who was a convicted felon they were considering for a job.

For one thing, why were charges pressed against him? His explanation was, "I had a couple of pictures on my computer that I shouldn't have downloaded.

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Ok, so many of you may have read my last post on how my guy doesn't have a great job or make much money and I have to pay for everything.

If it was just a stupid mistake he made, and no other times, then maybe according to your own feeling giving him a chance. This is not to *assume* that he will re-offend, simply because from what he told you, it wasn't on purpose. However, if it was intentional (even if he thought she was older, but still underage), chances of re-offending are i know with vitamins and mtv little girls are growing up faster than ever BUT he HAD to know she wasn't 18niece is 14. I remember you said he is a nice guy and he has been around for you on your hard times.5'7" and a respectable b cup and you would KNOW she's 14. My daughter was 14 when seduced by her 23 yr old boss at a custard stand. I just wonder if he didn't tell you what he had done wrong when he was young, would he be the same nice fellow to you except for his financial problem?Secondly, you do NOT spend a year in a federal pen for having a few naughty pictures on your computer.The guy was probably running a web ring, or a server, or a file-sharing system.