Intimidating shout glyph

26 Dec

Fist I am using tsm for tracking items on my characters and this script depends tsm Lets save this as var all=; var re = /\["i:(\d )"\] = (\d )/gmi; var count = 0; var glyphs = []; var line Reader = require('readline').create Interface(); line Reader.on('line', function (line,last) ); line Reader.on('close', (cmd) =6 Glyph Missing --------------------------------------------------- Glyph of the Stag Glyph of Chain Lightning Glyph of Weakened Soul Glyph of Spirit of Redemption Glyph of Scourge Imprisonment Glyph of Splitting Ice Neat idea rep, very innovative; Another idea could be utilizing the browser auction house: Shuffle through your characters and pull strings of inventory Just use TSM and add restock operation for every single Glyph to 5, it will restock everything that is not in your bag/bank/guild bank.

Glyphs if you have more than one talent build you can have unique glyph sets for each build. This day count is reset when the PC eats their fill for a day; otherwise, the PC advances one level of exhaustion at the end of each day beyond their limit.A PC drinking more than half the amount of water they require during the day but less than the full amount must succeed on a Constitution saving throw or advance one level of exhaustion, or two levels if they are already suffering from exhaustion.A creature who drinks less than half as much water than they need in a day must succeed on a DC 15 CON save or suffer 1 level of exhaustion.A character with access to even less water automatically suffers 1 level of exhaustion at the end of the day.