Is a shaved head intimidating

30 Jul

It had been months since I had been able to look in the mirror and admit that.

I took a shower, drank a few cups of black coffee, and drove over to the park for my morning run.

A few months after my hairline started ditching me, the hair on top of my head began feeling strangely thin.

I avoided the mirror and started searching through my old trunks of clothes to revive the backward baseball cap look.

When Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson came out to fight, however, speculations began about how I might look like The Rock (minus the otherworldly muscle mass) if I were to shave my head.

After a few too many beers, I found myself in the bathroom with a shaver and promptly did away with my Chia Pet hair.

It looked like a chipmunk had nibbled parts of my head.

This time, my buddies were less polite with their jokes and naturally renamed me “Chia Pet.” I had pretty much resigned myself to my sorry fate until my buddies invited me over to watch Monday Night Raw.

Every time I ran by the tennis courts, at least a one or two of them watched me as I passed by.

It was a way for me to say to the world that I am still here and that I refuse to be cornered into unfair stereotypes.

Shaving your head, however, isn’t just for prematurely balding men like myself.

Hair loss is something that happens to our grandfathers.

It is the sign of the wisdom that comes with old age; a rite of passage into that final stage of life where people finally look at us for how we lived rather than what we look like.