Is ferlin husey dating leona williams

19 Apr

Just recently I got what they call, The Mac Wiseman Nightingale Award, from an organization called ROPE (Reunion of Professional Entertainers) this is given to someone who gave their love and devotion beyond the call of duty.

I got this award for helping bring my really great friend, Ferlin Husky back to the stage of Country Music, and also my husband who had throat cancer who passed away five years ago.

(Leona Williams) New Patches is a song that I like very much, it was written by Tommie Collins.

Ever since I heard Mel Tillis sing it, I thought it would be a good song for a girl to record. I really hope everybody enjoys it as much as I did recording it! I was in her first band called the Blue Kentuckians.

There is nothing better than seeing your treasures take on such the life that they have.

I like the songs whether they are recorded by a huge star, or just a newer artist.

Theres a young girl named Melody Hart from Branson that plays fiddle with Buck Trent at his show and she recorded one of my songs called, Ive Got To Stop Loving You, its on her latest album, My Fiddle And Me.

A new act named Mack and Dyan out of (Leona Williams) I have really enjoyed singing with all of my duet partners; although my newest favorite is my son, Ron Williams.

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(Laughs) (Leona Williams) Im proud of every award that Ive ever gotten, and there have been several given to me throughout the years.

Leona delivers an emotional version of the brooding ‘Window Up Above’ which is very good.

Working equally well are her version of ‘A Picture Of Me (Without You)’ and (given a gender switch) ‘He Thinks I Still Care’.

‘Color Of The Blues’ sounds pretty but lacks the hopeless intensity of heartbreak of the original.

The same goes for ‘I’m Not Ready Yet’, ‘Things Have Gone To Pieces, and ‘When The Grass Grows Over Me’.