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12 Aug

The first recorded purchase: two tear gas grenades, ordered online May 10.

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Parts of Holmes' carpet were soaked with gasoline and oil and ammonium chloride, a white powder, was poured onto the floor in strips, FBI bomb technician Garrett Gumbinner said."It would have ignited and the whole apartment would have exploded or caught fire," Gumbinner said.

Failure in his higher education and inability to build long-term relationships with anybody drove him to commit the 2012 Aurora shooting.

A total of 12 people were killed in the incident that led to demands for tougher gun laws in the USA. He made several suicide attempts in jail as a result of that he was hospitalized several times.

He said the system had two other initiating systems.

One was a pyrotechnics firing box that would have been triggered by the remote control unit of a toy car left along with a portable stereo set to play loud music.