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19 Oct

Since its emergence in the 1980’s it has sparked the founding of Hello Kitty and Pokemon and has begun influencing day-to-day mannerisms that emphasize helplessness and the innocence of young girls. It is characterized by heavy make-up, elaborate hairstyles, and flamboyant costumes.

Then there is Ato, an urban spirit of graphic t-shirts, stylish backpacks and couture details recently favored by Kanye West.

Several of the styles seen in Harajuku dawned by is inspired by slasher and horror films with girls wearing bleach white dresses with blood splatters all over.

There is a variety of this style that includes playing the victim or a hospital nurse with an eye patch and mouth covering.

Another famous Asian artist that has recently made her debut in the fashion world is Yayoi Kusama who collaborated with Louis Vuitton and her obsessive .

Although knowing the history of fashion is very important it is also an industry about looking forward.