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Furthermore, the lawsuit claims that Baylor officials, including Briles and Baylor's Chief Judicial Officer Bethany Mc Craw, were aware of other complaints made against Elliott: The lawsuit alleges that Baylor "failed to properly train and educate their employees, including school officials, officers, investigators, and adjudicators in appropriate response to allegations of sexual harassment, sexual abuse, and retaliatory conduct, as well as necessary Title IX policies and procedures." Hernandez is seeking an unspecified amount for counseling, emotional and mental damages, and other punitive damages.

Upon news of the lawsuit, Baylor released the following statement: "We provide interim remedies to support students who report sexual assault during the investigation and take immediate disciplinary action against students who are found responsible for acts of interpersonal violence."Follow Prachi on Twitter.

It was this connection with others over their shared trauma and attacks that drove Enriquez to take action on the Penn State campus.

"It was happening to so many other people, but nobody was really talking about it," Enriquez said.

"Until the questions were being asked." Enriquez reached out to Penn State's student government to convey the severity of the sexual assault "epidemic" on campus.

She told them "You guys are supposed to be the student leaders and you're not doing anything about it." After meeting with the student government, Enriquez was tasked with doing something about sexual assault and rape on campus.

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"The more people I talked with about what happened to me, the more I realized that other people had the same experience," Enriquez says.Their educational methods vary, but one simple concept is wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with "Only Do It With Consent" on the front and the definition of consent on the back.Enriquez says people have a more open attitude towards discussing sexual violence and consent when she's wearing the shirt. Only With Consent in the brain child of Pennsylvania State University graduate Jasmin Enriquez. " It's not the absence of the word "no." It can be revoked. This definition is the driving force behind Only With Consent, an anti sexual violence initiative that aims to educate people about what consent is, and how to take action to ensure that it's at the forefront of people's minds when engaging in sexual behavior.