Jonze dating

01 Jan

David Fincher made Rooney into a star by “discovering” her after she’d already starred as the new Nancy in the reboot of A Nightmare on Elm Street.He cast her in the crucial first scene of The Social Network because she reminded him of Katharine Ross in The Graduate.

The problem is that now his relationship with Catherine is an unattainable gold standard that he is worried he’ll never reach again, and which failed anyway.

Her gives Jonze the chance to defend himself against the way he was portrayed by Coppola in Lost in Translation. He’s not a flirt, he just believes in friendships between men and women!

Given his chance to paint Coppola nastily, he instead puts the ex-wife character on a little bit of a pedestal.

Rooney Mara plays Twombly’s ex-wife, Catherine, who may or may not be based on Sofia Coppola, depending on whether you think the personal-seeming Her is a roman à clef.

If you do go with that theory, based on the way Mara’s character dresses in the tailored cool androgyne style favored by Coppola, the movie offers a kind of insight into Coppola that her own movies don’t. Because they are both such private people, the public never really found out how the breakup shook out.