Joy of single christian dating

21 Sep

It might take some time to process this truth, to let this sink in and to grieve the potential loss of a dream. Lewis talks about this in his book, The Problem of Pain.

But the value in accepting this harsh reality is that it allows you to begin to dream new dreams for your life and to live fully the life you've been given today. Lewis says our definition of love is wrong; we talk about a loving God, but what we really want when we say that is a senile, grandfatherly kind of God, "whose plan for the universe was simply that it might be truly said at the end of each day, 'a good time was had by all.'" Lewis goes on to explain that God's love is truer and fiercer than that — the kind of love a supreme artist lavishes on His ultimate creation, a creation that He wants to mold and shape into the image of Christ.

Albert Hsu goes into detail in his book Singles at the Crossroads about the family-oriented culture at the time of Christ and in the New Testament era.

Jews — even those who were priests — were expected to marry.

"Jesus came into this Jewish culture and shattered all their prejudices," Hsu explains.

"…Dignity and personhood come not from marriage and progeny but from identity within the kingdom of God."Early Christianity presented singleness as a viable, good alternative, which might in fact make you more profitable in your Christian life - and happier - than marriage and family. We'd been friends for a long time, long enough for her to be really honest about the realities of married life.

Track them down, root them out, and replace them with God's truth.

Your feelings will change, and you'll find a world of possibilities in your single life.

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Time after time, we're told, "God has someone who will be perfect for you! God promises to meet our needs; He doesn't promise us a husband or a wife.Christ was content going to the cross, but He didn't really want to go.He wanted to do the Father's will, and that desire overshadowed everything else. It's a determination to be satisfied with what God has given you today.So we're left with hounding questions: What exactly is God doing with our lives? So I set out on a journey in search of the truth about being single. challenged me with this question when I was struggling to find contentment being single. They aren't content, and it seems impossible that they ever could be.