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18 Jun

I'd be even more excited if they were to hook up in reality (: The title, "soulmate", no, I have no objection XDI love this couple, not only because I am always a Soujiro-Yuki/Xi Men-Xiao You fan, but because Kim Bum and Kim So Eun's chemistry is really WOW! They totally own my attention in Bo F, I just hope that Bo F won't dissapoint me as those 2 versions of HYD has dissapointed me, because they don't give me an ending I so hoping for.. to be honest nowadays i only watch Boys Over Flowers for yi jung & ga eul scenes. i also heard there is a really high possibilty that yi jung & ga eul might become a couple! the only thing worth watching in the episodes were the cute ji hoo-jandi scenes and of course one memorable yi jung & ga eul scene. oh yes in the last part of episode 7 yi jung shakes jandi's hand & after that he gives ga eul this little knowing 'look'. Have watch episode 7 and 8, skipping some parts just to search for YJ&GE's parts though *hides* (I know I'm bad, can't help it).. Haha, So Eun is so cute which I personally think she makes a perfect cute couple with Kim Bum! they HAVE to end up together in this series or else we should terrorize the director! I'm still sort of confused about their couple name. Is it derived from So Yi Jung and Chu Ga Eul as well as the scene where Yi Jung was asking Ga Eul if she had found her "soulmate" in life? this has to be best kim bum & kim so eun picture ever! these 2 really look like a real couple.i'm really addicted to these 2 as of now. i loved the way yi jung behaved towards ga eul in episode 9. and his expression when he saw ga eul with the new hairstyle.. T-T i'm now craving for MUCH more gajeong moments! apart from junpyo and jandi sweetness,,,gajeong scenes were my most anticipated scenes!

Haven't watch episode 7 yet, but since gauri92 said it was amazing, I will go and watch it now even though I'm supposed to be sleeping right now.. i can't wait for their romance to develop fully. i don't know about ga eul but i'm pretty sure yi jung has fallen head over heels for the adorable naive ga eul. I also hope that they would get a happy ending in Boys Over Flowers. I'm still sort of confused about their couple name. Is it derived from So Yi Jung and Chu Ga Eul as well as the scene where Yi Jung was asking Ga Eul if she had found her "soulmate" in life? lol i never really fall to drama couple before the love story began, but with gajung,, even at their first meeting in porridge shop, i LOve them immediately.. For some reason I kept thinking it's So Eulmate which is derived from Kim So Eun's name and Chu Ga Eul...which doesn't really make sense, lol. i love how yijeong couldn't just pass over the crying gaeul in the street.he bother himself to do the make over and pick dress for gaeul himself..n the sax play was amazing! hahaha..anyway, the end of ep 9 seems like a competition between junpyo n yijeong to show who is the most romantic..hahahha..

Carisma sa, de asemenea, m-a făcut să îl îndrăgesc şi mai mult.

La data de 16 decembrie 2009, îndrăgitul Kim Bum a lansat melodia Eva Nu Sora.

În 2010, a avut loc un concurs pentru World Date cu Kim Bum în care cinci fete, printre mii din întreaga Asie, au avut oportunitatea de a călători în Coreea de Sud şi de a-l întâlni.

They did it in the Taiwanese version and I think they had something in the Japanese version but it wasn't as in dept like this one is.În adolescenţă, Kim Bum a excelat la sport (juca fotbal în gimnaziu), dar, în acelaşi timp, obţinea note foarte bune.A devenit interesat de lumea divertismentului în timpul liceului, după participarea la ”, unde a jucat alături de actorii Lee Min-Ho, Kim Hyun-Joong şi Kim Joon, dar şi actriţa Goo Hye-Sun.With that said, their real life interactions do not give me any indication that Kim So Eun could be having feelings for Song Jae Rim, whereas he was less obvious and seemed to actually harbor a little harmless crush on her.Her body language in pictures speak volumes – she’s leaning or looking away from him while he’s leaning into her, and even their posed shots are cute together without giving that extra hhhhhmmmm factor when two actors leave viewers wondering if something more is going on.