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09 Jun

Have you been always their for her and when last did you reassure her that you love her from the depart of your heart. Anon, nothing justifies a woman receiving beating from her boyfriend just because she gave her husband sex. Unless you are a cheat in your marriage will you support this evil PERIOD!! Watch what you say because God judge us with what comes out of our mouth. Infidelity in marriage is not good but befor you conclude find out the kind of husband the man is. Am sorry if any tribe is offended by my next comment, but I just have to say this: YORUBA women are the most unfaithful women in marriages. Women from other tribes can fuck as much as the want before the get married, but as soon as they are, the stay faithful to some extent. I'm happy that women are no longer living in misery . I still have whatsapp chats of my ex girlfriend with one guy like that in my email. Someone shares a personal story for everyone to learn from or offer valuable advice on, and you mention women from a particular tribe being unfaithful based on your experience of 3 women (out of approximately 170 million Nigerians). The last post he made was that he would have to beat her again and also he's busy yet she gave an unusual response saying she'll wait as a promise. When our good friend KARMA comes to collect days,months, years or even decades from now ( bcos it will happen) don't go disturbing your pastors imams and babalawo's oooh. i guess shes yoruba, most of them cant close them legs in marriage..

Consider your daughter and do not make any decision in anger. Growing up, I knew how my culture treated sexual matters.If this is true, then it's got to be one of the most heartbreaking situations any man can ever find himself. last night, i saw a video of a nigerian woman in america setting her naija baby daddy up with the police, claiming he was beating her and she didnt feel safe at home. I know a lot of couples cheat on each other even in marriage. Men do not want to waste their precious time on this scumbags. That's the only beneficial purpose they can serve. I am disappointed in your response to this important issue. Women is too fragile and emotional and few are strong and not emotional and fragile study your wife very well if she is in this category of women that are so emotional and fragile please always and always be very close to her close the gap because she might find solace in another man. The woman is a fool because her adulterous mate beats her if she sleeps with her husband. I am sure if the transcripts of text conversations of married women in this blog with their lover were to be released ,it would be worse ; So don't even play holier than thou attitude. Do you think it's easy to get a better wife this days?Relationship expert, Joro Olumofin shared these screenshots and emails one of his readers sent to him narrating how he found out his wife was cheating on him with a man who beats her and tells her to deny him sex. Respond to it like a responsible and well trained human being. Don't expose your wife to another man by hurting her some men deliberately does that to exit their wife for another woman. Her adulterous mate controls her, tells her what to do and when to do what, even with his small dick, yet she can't have him when she wants. It's very common in Nigeria where every woman is a hustler. The next person he may even marry will be eat and clean mouth.Nevertheless, God has not forsaken you, you know what? Retrace your steps, apologize sincerely (Even if he won't see you, by text or letter), Then focus on building yourself.Now you must realise that your life is in your hands.