Lauren and stephen dating

28 Oct

When Lo doesn't go on a yacht trip to Catalina Island, LC is left without a buddy to survive kayaking, camping, and Stephen and Kristin's renewed relationship; Christina performs at her father's Crystal Cathedral. are seniors now and plan on making the most of it, no matter who gets hurt. Right away things are not like they used to be when everyone comes back for Christmas break. But a Happy B-day turns to tears for LC when Stephen heads back to San Fran. The 'Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" theme couldn't have been more perfect. So Stephen's plays the odds this year when he rolls into town and takes Kristin to dinner on Valentine's Day night, and then brings flowers and candy to LC the next day. So Kristin, Alex H., Talan and Jeff drag Jessica away for a weekend of snowboarding to help her forget about Jason.Especially if that includes Alex M., Taylor, Morgan S. Lauren may be happy to see Stephen after she moved back to LB from San Fran, but Kristin makes it obvious that she and Stephen are dunzo. It's a birthday weekend in LB, but LC is splitting with Kaitlyn, Stephen and Dieter to celebrate in Mexico, while Alex H. At the Winter Formal, you can only count on one thing for sure: the girls ask the guys to it. Guess she just assumed her boyfriend would go with her. But the odds don't look good for Jason and Jessica when he tells her she's a "bad influence" on him, and they call it quits. But not everyone is sulking as Talan and Kristin get flirty again, and Alex M. Things get uncomfortable pretty fast as Jessica finds out Jason is dating Alex M., and then has to watch them as they're all over each other."OMG, I can't believe Lauren is going on a date with her high school boyfriend! Thanks to two (now three) dissenters, the average at the time of writing is 8.5 - were that a reliable average, it would mean that this episode is better than some of the movies in the IMDb Top 250! The "big" question that "drives" this episode is whether or not Lauren will reunite with her high school boyfriend. " That's probably what the five people who've given this episode a 9/10 or even a full 10/10 might have been thinking!

Stephen is torn by his attraction to two girls, Kristin and LC as the senior girls prepare for a hotel party.The program, a reality TV series in genre, is presented in the form of a narrative, which is more common in drama series.All three seasons are presently available at the i Tunes Store, in addition to the release of the first two seasons on DVD.alums Lauren Conrad, Stephen Colletti, and Trey Phillips took to Monterey, California to celebrate the wedding of former costar Dieter Schmitz and his new wife Isabel Hiebl.The adorable Dieter is just one of the many stars to have tied the knot since the show ended its two-year run in 2006. To make the reunion even sweeter, Schmitz's longtime besties couldn't seem more impressed with Isabel. Hiebl in every post celebrating the couple's nuptials!