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10 Oct

By the late 1960s the tin industry in southern Thailand declined as resources dwindled and many dredging companies closed shop.Rubber cultivation, meanwhile, spread to neighbouring provinces in southern Thailand.Several art galleries are flourishing in the neighborhood.

Following the general trend towards more refinement on the island, a host of more ambitious eateries offer world-class dining.

Long before Phuket’s attractive beaches had earned the island its “Pearl of the Andaman” sobriquet and spawned a multi-million-dollar tourist industry, an entirely different resource supported the economy on Thailand’s largest island.

The 810-sq-km island’s abundant deposits of tin, widely sought after in both Asia and Europe for smelting with copper to produce bronze, drew traders from all over the world.

“Traditionally superyachts would restrict themselves to the Mediterranean for summer, and then cross the Atlantic to the Caribbean, in order to escape the bite of the European winter.

However, in the last decade or so many yachts have dropped the Caribbean from their itinerary and chosen to come out to Asia instead.