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EPA and EPAT coordinate programs such as Eco-Campus Partnership Programs, Kids Making Sense, and the Global Environmental Education Partnership to promote quality environmental education and empower youth around the world to drive positive change in their communities.Discarded cell phones, tablets, and other electronic devices are far from valueless.To date, IEP results include: IEP is also working to strengthen the capacity for environmental enforcement and compliance practices throughout the region, and working with our partners to tackle contaminated sites around the world.EPA collaborates with EPAT to integrate environmental education into all sectors of society including businesses, schools, communities, and families.According to the World Health Organization, Exit approximately 7 million people died in 2012 as a result of air pollution exposure.To address this challenge, EPA and EPAT have collaborated on air quality protection for nearly twenty years.Processes such as power generation from coal-fired power plants, incineration of waste, and metal processing emit mercury to the atmosphere.Like many forms of air pollution, mercury transcends national borders.

EPA and EPAT partner with the Cities Clean Air Partnership to strengthen air quality management in Asian cities, encourage progress, and contribute to reducing the health impacts of air pollution and climate change in Asia.

Nikola Pejnovic, Managing Director Team e-mail: [email protected] (The European Association of Public Banks), With 56 signed co-operation agreements that facilitate access and exchange of information on export markets and widen our horizons of operation, HBOR has confirmed the strength of its international network for the benefit of Croatian business, exports as well as our partners globally, thereby placing HBOR and Croatia on the global arena of relevant promotional banks.

American Institute in Taiwan and Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office renewed the U. and Taiwan environmental authorities have worked to manage the environment and reduce pollution through projects, research, and knowledge exchange.

E-waste, as these discarded items are commonly called, can be recycled to reintroduce gold, silver, copper, and other valuable materials into supply streams for future use.

Recycling e-waste can not only provide these valuable elements as a useable resource but it prevents materials from being thrown into landfills.