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Charles Sun Obituary Archives 2003-present Fox Valley Obituary Index Kane County Obituaries Elgin Area G. 1928) Alton Web - Births - Queries Herr Funeral Home (archives from 1996-present) Marion County Obituaries Marshall County Obituaries Massac County Obituaries Massac County Deaths 1850 Federal Mortality Schedule 1860 Federal Mortality Schedule Massac County Discussion Group Blandinsville Star-Gazette Recent Mc Donough County Obituary Index The Algonquin Countryside Obituary Archives 2002-present Cary Grove Countryside (births only) The Woodstock Independent (scroll down to "Community" - Births, Deaths) Algonquin Countryside (births only) Nunda (Crystal Lake) Herald, July 1880 ?

May 1908 The Pantagraph Mc Lean County Obituary Surname Index Surname Index to Mc Lean County Cemeteries East Twin Grove Cemetery Inscriptions West Twin Grove Cemetery Inscriptions Barnard Cemetery Inscriptions Christian Cemetery Inscriptions Mc Collough Cemetery Inscriptions Wilson Cemetery Inscriptions Mc Lean County Obituaries Menard County Death Index 1877-1900 1870 Mortality Schedule 1880 Mortality Schedule Mercer County Obituary Index Quaker Cemetery Inscriptions Cemetery Records of Mercer County Selected Monroe County Funeral Cards 1895-1930 Selected Monroe County Funeral Cards 1931-1946 Selected Monroe County Funeral Cards 1947-1949 Miscellaneous Montgomery County Obituary Extracts Montgomery County News Obituaries (Current) Montgomery & Macoupin County Obituary Archive Montgomery County Archives Morgan County Obituary Search Engine West Central Illinois Obituary Collection Airsman-Hires Funeral Homes Obituaries 2003 Airsman-Hires Funeral Homes Obituaries 2004 Airsman-Hires Funeral Homes Obituaries 2005 Airsman-Hires Funeral Homes Obituaries 2006 Airsman-Hires Funeral Homes Obituaries 2007 Airsman-Hires Funeral Homes Obituaries 2008 Airsman-Hires Funeral Homes Obituaries 2009 Airsman-Hires Funeral Homes Obituaries 2010 Airsman-Hires Funeral Homes Obituaries 2011 Morgan County Obituaries Morgan County Civil War Obituaries Greene County Obituary Search Engine - (covers some of Morgan Co.) Walnut Grove Cemetery Inscriptions 1850 Morgan County Mortality Schedule News-Progress Moultrie County Obituaries A-F - G-R - S-Z Village of Arthur Local Registrar's Birth Certificates Index 1868-1925 Moultrie County Cemetery Index St.

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