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13 Dec

There was some kind of police activity ahead that brought traffic to a standstill, so James Modisette pressed the brake, bringing the car to a stop in the left lane.

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The nearly 5,000-pound SUV tore into the Camry, then rode up over the driver’s side.

Nissma says she’s seen the baby pictures with Roaya, and heard stories all her life of her mom’s close friend in Canada who named her sister, but she’d never gotten to meet her because the families moved to the U. When the girls realized that they’d known each other all along, they were completely blown away.

“I was screaming and jumping and screaming some more,” Roaya said. ” Roaya says her mom has actually been trying to find Nissma’s mom on Facebook.

A motorist playing Pokémon Go on his smartphone crashed into a marked patrol car in Delaware. Last week, a Canadian teenager who crashed his vehicle was charged with texting while driving.

And British government officials are to meet with smartphone manufacturers this year to pressure them to introduce a “drive safe” mode, according to the International Business Times.