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19 Oct

Although she found a nice property for a good price, and has no complaints about her current landlord, "I wish that everyone else had as easy of a time," she said.

If you hear a greeting you like, you can send a personal message, or talk one-on-one with them and be instantly connected.Sclauzero, who works at a museum when she's not on Twitter, said the idea came to her when she was evicted from her former home because her landlord said he was moving into the space.She said she wasn't expecting to find a luxury mansion or a condo covered in marble, but still she was discouraged by the quality of what was available.To add your web site this directory, see instructions on this page.Attention Vancouver landlords: a closet is not a "flex space," a kitchen should be more than a hot plate, and "renovated" doesn't just mean a new sink.