Microsoft sharepoint workspace not updating

13 Jan

In this article: To maintain performance, the number of documents that Share Point Workspace users can store in Share Point Workspace is limited to approximately 500 documents.If users exceed this limit, Share Point Workspace displays a warning message every time users start Share Point Workspace to remind them to free up disk space.The library view in Share Point Workspace 2010 is very similar to the view in Share Point 2010.Custom columns, views, and content types are supported.When you are not connected —at home, on the road, or in the air — you can continue to work on your computer.

To synchronize a Share Point site, library, or list, you must have Share Point Workspace 2010 installed on your client computer and you must have Contribute permission to the site, library, or list.Share Point Workspace 2010 synchronization is also efficient; only the changes to a file or list are synchronized, not the entire file or list.Top of Page You can work with files in Share Point libraries on your computer by using Share Point Workspace 2010.External lists, created by using Business Connectivity Services (BCS) in Share Point Designer 2010 are also supported.External lists can contain read/write access to Line-of-Business data from data sources, such as SQL Server or SAP.