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22 Aug

The exact beginning of the war and its cause is difficult to pinpoint.One of the earliest clashes occurred in June 1979, when Iraqi aircraft attacked Iranian villages that were believed to be supporting Khomeini-backed Kurdish rebels.The Gulf States had money, but were militarily weak. Iraq's primary competition for regional dominance was its neighbor Iran, and Iran seemed vulnerable because the revolution there had not yet ended.Khomeini was still in the process of becoming the unchallenged Iranian leader, but he had not solidified his power.For the next several months, Iran sought to undermine Saddam by encouraging protests by Shiites.Both countries supported rebel movements against the other, and the Iranian-backed rebel group Al Dawaa attempted to assassinate the Iraqi Foreign Minister Tariq Aziz on April 1, 1980.This was part of Khomeini's broader strategy of spreading the Islamic revolution throughout the Middle East.

Khomeini then began to publicly call for the overthrow of Saddam.

Finally, in June 1980, the two nations severed relations.

Between June and September 1980, 193 clashes occurred along the Iran-Iraq border.

Looking around the region at the end of the 1970s, Saddam also saw an opportunity to establish himself as the leader of the Arab world.

The historic leader was the ruler of Egypt, but Anwar Sadat had been ostracized for making peace with Israel.