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17 Aug

After it happened I took her phone off her, closed down her social media accounts and told her that she had to stay downstairs with the rest of the family. She became more involved with the family, she played with the younger children, cooked dinner with us and got back into reading again.

Her older sister had it and all the kids at school were talking about it; she said she felt left out.

I can’t share my experience with them, it’s not my experience to share, but I do try to explain to them how easily children can be groomed online.

They say: '‘Yes but all their friends have it, what can you do?

Did I assume he would have been dressed up as The Big Bad Wolf with the words ‘'sex offender'’ tattooed onto his face? It’s not her fault, she’s not the paedophile, but I had to leave. I don’t cry all the time about it anymore; but it’s often in the back of my mind.

I felt very ashamed at my lack of awareness, I felt like a fool. I can’t really say whether my daughter is still affected by it, I hope not; young people are far more resilient than adults I’ve found.