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22 Oct

One Night Friend is for any single man or woman over 18, one who is looking for a relationship without any ties, and who is using the method of online dating.If you are seeking someone who is right for you, join us free today and find an awesome date.That's a huge amount of things for a child to adjust too so it's going to take some time, patience and good parenting to get him through it. A health visitor may be able to arrange a parenting class etc.My brother was like this smashed windows shouted punched kicked screamed locked himself in his room refusing to go to school Pretty sure he tried to burn out his teachers car for a detention after he punched a student who was flashing a knife lol he had me MA's heart broke turns out he had ADHD and asburgres and dyslexia(however you spell it) didn't get any diagnosis until he was 15 but once he did he changed to a special school with more support and was taught how to channel his emotions and taught in his own pace (instead if timetabled) Now he is 20 head chef at a really good restraunt loads of qualifications a driving licence and he now under stands how to channel excess energy through gym quiet time and is savin for a mortgage and is a completely different person mum says he's the least trouble now haha!!I'd get him a few presents but probably leave off the main one until he starts behaving.Otherwise he's going to think that he'll get his way regardless. Media files including images are automatically deleted within 24 hours. So, what if you aren't looking for a serious relationship but just want to enjoy relaxed and fun chatting with an exciting flirt?

Has he always acted like this or is it a new thing?I made a few hours on a Saturday free so we could have girly time. We had a timeout step because it wasn't always plain sailing. The lashing out physically and smashing things up sounds like a cry for help. It was tough to talk about it but when I did things got better, people helped and my beautiful daughter blossomed.You sound like you have had a tough few years and he needs help adjusting. You could also chat with yours sons teachers and see if they have noticed a change in behaviour? Stay strong and I hope things get better x He's acting out in relation to the upheaval he's had.At 8 he's old enough to understand what he shouldn't be doing. Hi Jackie The present withholding is entirely up to u and ur oh!I wanted to talk about the wee man's anger and violence towards you both and please don't find me intrusive I just want o offer some kind of support as it sounds that u are having an awful time with him!