No regestration adult web cams

25 Nov

I just set up this cam and am about to make it live in that PSFL spot.You you won’t see much but what’s there right now (chair, boxes, gear) until we all show up there around 1PM PST tomorrow.

No regestration adult web cams-82

(You can fulfill your pledge or make a donation .) Your generosity also helps keep the rest of Starr Ranch operational. I also want to thank you for making this cam page more than I ever thought it would be.

This will include a link to request a Starr Ranch T-shirt if you met the criteria for one. Pete 2/17/17 It appears the female BNOW has finished laying her clutch of six eggs, which is on target for a typical clutch size.

Thank you for the egg pledges or flat donations in celebration of the new clutch!

Pete 4/6/2017 I’m FINALLY getting to sending t-shirts to those who get one because they donated or more per egg. This will take you to a page with event details and where you can preregister. Pete Just a heads up that if things continue to progress as they have I will be banding the Barn Owl chicks on Saturday April 8th.

When you click Submit you will get an email from me with a link to where you can make your donation. As many of you know, this is an important fundraiser for Starr Ranch that helps provide funds for everything that goes on here, including running the webcams. The agenda: 11AM-12PM Session 1 Owl biology talk with at least one live owl from the Orange County Bird of Prey Center 12PM-1PM Session 2 arrives.