Non jave adult chat

17 Jan

A booklet for parents and other non-offending caregivers of children who have been sexually abused on caring for themselves and the family.

A booklet from The Department of Human Services in Australia for parents and non-offending caregivers of children who have been sexually abused. Provides description of mental health clinicians and treatment styles.

This is most commonly recognised as a tactic used by paedophiles, both on children and parents. Age difference is one example of a power differential.

Children are taught to respect older children and adults – many abusers take advantage of this.

While grooming is most associated with child sexual abuse, it is also possible for adults to be groomed – or prepared – for abuse.

This is again most common in situations where there is a power differential – men can be groomed by older men, physically stronger men or professionals who have a measure of control over them, such as doctors or therapists.

For example, many gay men arrive in London having fled homophobia in other environments. Some are then coerced into doing things they feel uncomfortable with – they meet often older people who assure them that it is the norm, that it’s just what happens in the gay world, something like a rite of passage.

Someone who was groomed as a child might find it hard to accept that what happened to them was ‘abuse’.

The abuser may have taken an interest in them in a way that other adults did not, have allowed them to do things other adults did not.