Not look desperate dating

01 Aug

If you want to keep your options open and your fingers crossed, you have to be prepared to meet at least one new person of the opposite sex every week. But as the weeks turn to months and *gasp* years, your little heart may start to panic and wonder why you’re not able to find a good mate. You can’t expect every single person of the opposite sex you meet to fall madly in love with you.

If you really do want to lose the single status and figure out how to meet the one, you need to give it a thought with a cool head.

You don’t need to exchange numbers too, what’s facebook for anyways?

It’s easy, safe and never desperate to just friend each other for starters.

There are hundreds of groups and communities in your own city where people meet to interact and have fun, ranging from dancing classes to book clubs and all the way to camping, trekking and even cookery. If you find the potential lacking, drop out of the club and join another one.

What have you got to lose, you enjoy a fun activity and get to make new friends and meet dating potentials too! While it’s never bad to want a mate who’s a perfect ten in bed with you, it’s not always easy. People are falling in and out of love all the time.