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20 May

Its so amazing, the lyrics, the melody, the harmony.beautiful. And no, this song ISNT about Noel and his divorce from Meg Matthews. You have your dreams and your heros (Today's the day that their going to throw it back to you) and then you become an adult and realize that they are never going to throw it back to you.You turn back to your heros (your wonderwall - the posters you have on your wall as a kid) and realize that they are old, faded, and the "fire in their heart is out".Their first two albums were excellent, but the third album was catastrophically bad, and they've never reached the former heights of their releases between 19 since Nathan - Oasis' fans accusing Green Day of plagiarism is the biggest irony.Of course, Oasis have never copied anyone, have they?? Wonderwall Is a great song and I guess everyone has there own meaning for it but I like mines. It reminds me of somebody that I will always have in my heart. "Your my WONDERWALL punk." by the way, this and other few songs were sang in Electric Proms 2008 with Crouch End Festival Chorus. They had a drinking father who used to beat them up, and when he was sober, he told the boys not to be sad about what happened, and to draw stuff on the so called "Wonderwall"...i think the fact they cant forget that is because they cant forgive their father for it.to "save" themselves, they nedd their father apology... it makes me think of this girl who means the world to me my wonderwall(maybe she's gonna be the one that save me) I listen to it when I can't sleep hoping that just maybe she feels the same way I do.Now to the lyrics: during the song "Wonderwall" they sing "Backbeat, the word is on the street that the fire in your heart is out". The song goes on to talk about how he shouldn't have released that album because it's so unlike what he did with the Beatles: "by now, you should've somehow realized what your not to do". It was written by one of the band's members and released on the album (What's the Story)Morning Glory? Hey Kevin, last time I checked, the guy's name was Bryan Adams..a "B." You know, the guy that Trey Parker and Matt Stone killed the career of in less than three seconds in "South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut"? But if Oasis ripped off the Beatles should you really down out GREAT!!!There's even a movie about George Harrison doing these very things and it's called..guessed it... This song is apparantly about "triumph in the face of adversity". Manchester City) where Manchester City formed a wall against a free kick, and kept blocking all the shots United took at the goal, going on to win the game. [This was on a documentary about the song.]This is for Kevin, from Lakewood, OH. punk stars for having a gosh darly blue day and sounding like Oasis!

And they need each other to save them from them selfs. i miss them and everytime i hear this song i think of the good times i had with my boy and our friends! The title of the Oasis song comes from Harrison's album "Wonderwall Music". However Kevin is wrong also, because this song is originally a Oasis song. Com' on' Yeah any band that wants to sing like the Beatles is gonna sound like the Beatles.

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Critics don't hold much sway with me either...originally didn't like "What's the story (Morning Glory) at all ! I was amazed at this nothing like this had ever happened to me before.

Level of sales..really that meaningful to me musically. When I finally got home I grabbed my guitar slapped the capo on it and played the song corectly.