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22 Dec

Not all of Dumfries' bloody reputation was externally inflicted.

Nine women were burned to death for witchcraft in the town in 1659, and two centuries later in 1868, Dumfries was the site of Scotland's last public hanging.

It was not from Galloway but from England that most of Dumfries' problems came during its first 500 years.

English armies variously sacked, plundered or occupied the town in 1300, 1448, 1536, 1542, 1547, 1570: and it suffered again during the strife of the 1640s.

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And on the north eastern edge of the town is the excellent Dumfries and Galloway Aviation Museum.

Since 1925 Dumfries also has a second road bridge, St Michael's Bridge, over the Nith, and there is also the rather fine Nith Suspension Bridge for pedestrians erected in 1875.

Given the propensity of the River Nith for frequent and sometimes violent flooding, the main surprise is that the bridges that cross it at Dumfries have survived so well.

The first stone bridge over the Nith, Devorgilla Bridge, (or Old Bridge) named after Devorgilla, the mother of King John Balliol, was built here in 1432, possibly on the site of a wooden bridge built by Devorgilla in the 1260s.

It was rebuilt after flooding in 1620 and was shortened at its eastern end in about 1800.