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24 Nov

Population of Mumbai - Mumbai is one of the most populated cities in the world.

The densely populated metro city of India is home to over 22 million.

The city was home to over 21 million people in year 2013.

What is the Population of Mumbai Current Population of Mumbai is estimated to be around 22 million people.

Students seeking admission autonomous institutes in Mumbai, however, will have to apply directly at the college.

According to the university, through the online registration process, the university creates a database of the students’ information studying in in the affiliated colleges.

A large number of Populations in Mumbai city lives in Slums and other residential areas.

Mumbai has a Population density of 20,482 persons per square kilometer which is relatively very high.

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Students will however, have to buy admission forms from their chosen colleges before registration.Last year, the admission process was delayed by three weeks after the university tried to appoint a new service provider.The colleges, however, are skeptical if the university can stick to its schedule. The admission process should be wrapped up in 15 to 20 days, so that we can start the classes at least by July 1,” said MB Madlani, principal, KPB Hinduja College.Since colleges will conduct the admission, applicants will have to attach a copy of their online registration forms while submitting their forms at different colleges.The pre-admission registration allows students to apply in multiple colleges for more than one course.