Password change tool updating modem Webchat sexfree

18 May

Any Wi Fi connected devices which used the old password to connect will need to be updated with your newly created password.

Open a browser and enter in your browser's address bar. Delete the current entry in the Passphrase location and replace it with your own password. Click Apply Instructions for how to change the Wireless Password using My Account: 1.

Logging into your Wi Fi modem allows you to configure various settings on your Shaw Wi Fi Modem, which includes (but is not limited to) changing your Wi Fi network password, your SSID name and the broadcasting channel upon which your Wi Fi Modem operates.Check out how to troubleshoot Internet connections.Before reading this article, be sure to explore different methods to view or change your Wi Fi password.Changing your password regularly is a good idea; it helps keep your emails and account information secure! In the My Details section, click Change Password and follow the instructions from there.Please note that changing your Orcon password also affects password details for your broadband access, email, webmail and My Orcon account. Genius Customers: your modem will automatically update itself with your new details, so you can keep browsing Non-Genius customers: You'll have to update your modem with your new password. Once you've changed your Orcon password, you'll have to update your account settings in your email client to match.