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16 Jun

[…] Read More Catalytic reaction rates, microcrystalline cellulose, cyanobacteria working in teams, vertical farming, vegan products & markets. Breakthrough on (microcrystalline) cellulose costs A new source of cheap microcrystalline cellulose has been generating a lot of positive noise in […] Read More In Illinois, today is Fly Green Day, sponsored by the O’Hare Fuel Committee, at Chicago O’Hare International Airport.The 5 top disruptive techs we’ve seen in recent weeks are attacking these fronts. 7 commercial airlines, plus Atlas Air and Fed Ex are flying out of O’Hare today on Gevo-based sustainable aviation fuel.We reported last month that the long-awaited financing was completed for Fulcrum Bioenergy’s highly-anticipated first commercial project near Reno, Nevada.“Our bonds priced on the the 12th, and closed on the 27th and we […] Read More We Really Do Mean “Drop-in”.Signature companies are engaged, in the space — advanced manufacturing, fuels, power, chemicals, and much more.Public-private partnership has been on a lot of minds of late — on the blackboard, an ideal way to combine […] Read More In Canada, Enerkem Inc. Enerkem’s advanced biofuels facility has successfully completed all the necessary steps required by the EPA and is the first ever […] Read More In China, the State Development & Investment Corporation plans to invest 2 million in a 600,000 metric ton per year ethanol facility in Heilongjiang that will consume 1.85 million metric tons of corn annually.Its technology has produced over 37 million gallons of renewable fuels and chemicals in over 160,000 hours of successful plant operation.

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A tax break makes E10 up to 5 cents per liter cheaper depending on the region and is available at more than half of the […] Read More In India, researchers developed a comprehensive database of known enzymes with proven or potential applications in biofuel production through text mining of Pub Med abstracts and other publicly available information.Discover more, Deliver more - Find out how Novozymes products and services can fuel your success.Du Pont Enzyme Technology to increase Bio Gas Production & Profit REG- Developing next-generation biofuels - investing in technology Leaf - a global fermentation approach You might be wondering what the heck this map signifies — enthroned as it is on the website of the National Insitute of Food & Agriculture, the USDA’s primary intersection with the academic community — and also visible in an updated form at ABLC Next when USDA Energy Policy director Harry Baumes took the floor.On October 31, KLM and the Costa Rican government signed a letter of intent to ratify the cooperation.This is the […] Read More In California, Aemetis, Inc.