Project reality servers not updating

12 Oct

After you install the update, the trailing zero actual work values no longer appear and the stop date corresponds to where the last timephased actual work value that's more than zero is ended, and it's not the resume date which starts at the beginning of the third week.In this situation, the actual start and actual finish dates are set on the assignment even though these dates weren't reported by the team member.

You view the stop date and also notice that it's the same as the resume date.Obviously the timeline is one of the new sexy feature that we do like presenting to customer.The immediate conclusion saying "it is not available with Project Online sites" was neither acceptable technically nor from a customer point of view. As you might know, the site tasks list is synchronized with the project tasks and is in read-only mode in the project site.Because you don't have permissions to create baseline data, the paste process should not replicate this detail from the copied task and its assignments.In this situation, all the elements on the report are lost and all that you see is a blank screen.