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17 Jun

Spitzer then moved in with the 'love of [his] life' Lis Smith, a brief spokeswoman for Bill de Blasio.

Text is available under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license; additional terms may apply.Simulation-based and semi-formal validation and verification of So Cs, MPSo Cs, and emerging architectures at any level (from system to circuits), including digital, analog, interconnect or mixed-signal components; testbench and assertion generation and qualification; checker synthesis and optimization; multi-domain and mixed-critical simulation techniques; acceleration-driven and emulation-based approaches for verification and validation; simulation-based pre- and post-silicon diagnosis and debugging solutions; validation and verification for Io T and cloud infrastructures; validation and verification using artificial intelligence or machine learning techniques.Formal verification and specification techniques (including equivalence checking, model checking, symbolic simulation, theorem proving, abstraction, decomposition techniques and compositional reasoning); core algorithmic technologies supporting formal verification such as SAT and SMT techniques; formal verification of hardware (including IPs, So Cs, and cores), software, HW-SW systems, timed, or hybrid systems; semi-formal verification techniques; integration of verification into design flows; challenges of multi-cores (as verification targets or as verification host platforms); formal synthesis.Architecture, design methodologies, and modeling techniques for No C, including: topology, switching, routing and flow control; No C service frameworks for Quality-of-Service, security, and power management; techniques and methodologies for No C testing; GALS and asynchronous architectures for No Cs; integration of external interfaces or memory controllers with No Cs; cache-coherent No Cs; HW-SW communication abstractions; component-based modeling; platform-based design and methodologies; No C design space exploration frameworks; programming models for No C-based platforms; design of No Cs targeting alternative technologies (photonics/optics, wireless, 3D stacking, etc.).Architectural and microarchitectural design techniques, including: memory systems; architectural methods for improving power and energy efficiency; multi/many-core architectures; multi-threading techniques and support for parallelism; application-specific processors and accelerators; architectural support for reliability, safety, and timing predictability.