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01 Mar

This is probably one of the biggest rules of dating your ex, because constant bringing up of bad memories will instantly put a strain on what should be a new chapter in the relationship.5.Do things differently Don’t try and recreate the past relationship when you are , try doing new and different things together.

Treat it only as a trial Remember that this is a new relationship, not a continuation of the old.Remind yourself why it didn’t work before Before you commit to anything, think carefully about the reasons why it didn’t work before.Analyse the reason carefully, you need to remember those reasons in order that you can avoid making the same mistakes twice.3.But there can also be a lot of baggage that can get in the way of it ever being a success again, so read these ten rules to bear in mind, if you do decide to give it a go:1.Don’t rush things Make sure that you are not rushing into things too quickly. So take your time, before you jump right back into a full blown relationship with him again.2.