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30 Nov

With property prices at a premium and locals less inclined to drink locally (if at all), pubs that were once social hubs have found themselves sold and converted into flats.Two recent examples include The Queens No 1 on Edis Street (bought by Harry Enfield) and The Albert on Princess Road.Jools and Jamie Oliver live in a colourful house overlooking the Hill.

That he is soon moving to East London, like the designer Henry Holland before him, is further indictment of the lack of party credentials in NW1.

Twenty years ago, one imagines, the day would have begun rather differently for Frost.

As the darlings of London’s notoriously party-loving Primrose Hill set, she and her then-husband Jude Law would have been more likely to neck Nurofen than fill up the Nutri Bullet. In the mid-2000s, the party was joined by new, young blood: a twenty-something Sienna Miller, fresh faced and besotted with Law (by then separated from Frost); Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty, who broadened the scene to include The Hawley Arms, a £5 cab ride away in Camden — and Moss’ new, young BFF Nick Grimshaw, fresh to the capital from Oldham.

Others gutted homes that had been occupied for decades by a different Primrose Hill set: the original, left-leaning, arty inhabitants who had been there since the 1960s, when the area was undesirable and property was cheap.

The broadcaster Joan Bakewell remains, but others sold up and cashed in, their characterful homes obliterated by record executives, entertainment lawyers and hedgies seeking basement cinemas, decked terraces and Bulthaup appliances, all in tasteful shades of greige.