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16 Jun

Japan uses a ‘diagnostic-procedure combination’ (DPC) groups for the prospective portion of its payments to hospitals.

Taiwan has attempted to use a DRG system for the 50 most common diseases and Korea launched a DRG pilot program in 1997 for inpatient care.

article by Adam Wagstaff gives a good comparison of five East Asian countries: Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore and Taiwan.

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Shafin nurul-aalam shafi ne na labarai da kowa yake da damar shiga a ko da yaushe saboda haka duk lokacin da ka shiga shafin duniyar gizon nurul-aalam ko kuma ka yi amfani da abinda yake shafin, ya nuna cewa ka amince da tsarin sirri da ka’idojinmu, ba kuma zamu dauki wani alhaki ba.These three countries with UHI systems are mostly funded through a social insurance scheme.Hong Kong mainly uses money from general revenues while most citizens of Singapore pay for a large portion of their medical care from their own pockets [i.e.: out-of-pocket, (OOP on the chart)]. The environmental non-profit sector has always had a difficult time securing financial support, often relying on the generosity of volunteerism.However, the recent economic downturn has put this sector in an even more dire situation, and the young workers are feeling the pressure.