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03 Jun

Like all Canadian dairy breeds, at that time, Jerseys were bred for type.With Russell’s careful and visionary suggestion to the Board of Directors, there was an awakening within Canadian Jerseys to the benefits through more extensive use of milk recording and type classification.Following that came the realizations that faster breed improvement could be had by sampling more young A. bulls and extensively using the top daughter proven sires.Jersey Canada also looked beyond its borders, especially to the United States, where increased production and the marketing of Jersey milk were driving forces.

He does it by focusing on attitude, approach, and vision.You see Russell started in grade Ayrshire cattle and in 4H showed purebred Ayrshires from a kind and helpful neighbor’s herd.Though that Ayrshire Secretary dream did not materialize, Russell has had an interesting and fulfilling career in the field of breed improvement. His youthful dream of being a breed secretary had been achieved. In 2011 he joined Semex as the coordinator of the Semex Global Jersey Program.Starting with the pencil, then the pen, the telephone, then as a magazine editor and now a very prolific facebooker, Russell uses each and every tool to communicate the latest news. Russell, more than most, excels at sharing all things important and new, with his community of friends.Russell dreamed, from an early age, of being the Canadian Ayrshire Breed Secretary.