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31 Oct

The mean values of the absorbance were obtained for the standards and the samples were divided by the absorbance value for the first standard (zero standard) and multiplied by 100.The zero standard was made equal to 100%, and the absorbance values were quoted in percentages.Although few significant changes were found in the examined oxidative stress endpoints, the results of this work put our foot in the beginning of road to link hormonally sex reversal practice with oxidative stress induction, and provocative for other researchers to invade this field of research more deeply utilizing more specific relevant markers and cutting-edge techniques Musculinizing inducer; Sex reversed tilapia; Malondialdhyde; Total antioxidant capacity; Total peroxide Recently, production of tilapia in Egypt exceeds that of common carp make it the most commonly cultured fish species owing to some favorable features appropriated for aquaculture industries such as high tolerance to adverse environmental conditions, resistance to disease, efficient food conversion, fast growth rate, good consumer acceptance, and ease of spawning [1,2].Taking into account the wide spectrum of economic and rearing benefits, sex reversal techniques are paid greater attention over the time in aquacultured fish systems.The liquid was poured out of the wells and the microwell holder was tapped upside down vigorously against absorbent paper to ensure complete removal of liquid from the wells.

The data about water quality assessment and age, weight, and length of the collected fishes already published in previous study [28].Oxidative stress is a situation characterized by an imbalance between increased production of oxidant species and/or decreased efficacy of the antioxidant defense system [7] leading acromolecule to damage including lipid peroxidation, protein crosslinking, DNA damage, changes in growth and function of cells [8].The investigation of this imbalance is difficult due to the limited availability of specific biomarkers of oxidative stress, and the fact that measurement of individual antioxidant may give misleading picture because antioxidants work in concert through chain breaking reactions.Serum and muscle methyltestosterone measurement Their levels were determined by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay reader (Stat Fax-200, Awareness Technology company, USA) using a commercially available kit (Art. R3601) according to the instructions of manufacturer (R-Biopharm Gmb H, Darmstadt, Germany).Briefly, all reagents were brought to room temperature and reconstituted as recommended using the provided reagents.